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A collection of bricks stacked upon each other…read more


One of Korea’s great views, beside a french village out of all things…read more


Literally found this place by chance. I got out of my hotel room and…read more

Photography Defined


noun: photography

i. the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface 


“What’s your motive?”, “Apa motif?”. I’m almost certain that almost all of us have stumbled upon this intimidating question. It might even get on some nerves. Such an aggressive question. But is it a RELEVANT question? This term is not solely revered among artists and creatives though. It applies to everyone. However, I will beContinue reading “Motive”

1.45 a.m

I tossed and turned. Literally an hour ago, I could barely keep my eyelids from closing. It was a Monday night and I’m sure i wasn’t the only one dreading the morning after. THIS Monday in particular was different. It was more uplifting than it was depressing (a very rare occasion), and there is aContinue reading “1.45 a.m”

“There’s just nothing like waking up early before the rest of the world, heading out when it’s still dark, and seeing nothing, but you know that landscape is right there waiting for you”

peter mckinnon

A quote to live by. Really, imagine, you’re on your hotel bed and the alarm sets off. You’re up feeling woozy as hell because of the lack of sleep and the fact that its pitch black outside. But you brushed it off, because you made a promise to yourself that “NO! I WILL CATCH THAT SUNRISE!.” So you got up, took a quick shower, dressed up, took your gear and stepped into the unknown. For a moment there you thought that you’ve wasted your beauty sleep. But then, it hits you. The first morning rays, shining upon your face. And you uncapped the lens, placed your eyes in the visor’s view. And SNAP!. A moment of absolute beauty, stored in your life, forever.

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I am currently a 24 year old final year medical student who happens to have a passion for photography. This blog is basically a platform for me to share my stories behind the photographs I’ve taken.

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